Cats, Boys, and Summers Gone – RP

The first time I watched the guys do it I didn’t see what the kick was… I guess I just didn’t get it.

Let me take you back a minute, I’m 16 and it’s the summer vacation and here we are pounding the block looking for cats. There were six of us in total, I knew Jackson and Buck from way back when and the other guys were just some tearaways from the block, I didn’t know them too well. It was hot and we must’ve been searching for at least 3 hours but it sure felt longer. We should’ve been out kicking a football or howling at chicks, but here we were chasing another kind of pussy. I objected but the guys just didn’t wanna know, they didn’t care, they were just so focussed, man. “Seriously, dude, when you do it once, man” Buck kept repeating this, the guy was mad for whatever he was about to do. Then it happened. A tabby, I’d seen it before, reckon it belonged to the family who lived at 15. Anyhow, Buck went first, “Ey fuck you, pussy cat”, before Jackson rolled in, “Eat shit puddddy cat!” The two high-fived and carried on shouting. The cat just stood there, man, didn’t do too much, didn’t really move but just stared at us. One of the guys from the block was going crazy, “Fuck you, dad, shit”. The fella dropped to his knees and straight up started crying. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was out of control. After about 20 seconds the cat just scooted off, not too fast either, just kinda went. Everyone was patting the crying dude on the back, telling him it was all ok or whatever. “Man that was great” said Jackson after a while, “The way it just stood there and took it”, “So tight” agreed Buck. No kidding, I felt weird, didn’t really know what to make of what I just saw, I mean would you? Anyway, I told the guys I’d meet up with them later on and headed back. I was a couple of minutes down the road when I saw this cat sat in a window, looking at me. It was one of those long-haired fancy types. I stood there a while, looking back. I can’t explain it, it just sorta happened, I held my middle finger up at it. I held it there, and I’m telling you, that cat just wouldn’t break eye contact. “Fuck you” I mouthed before flipping the bird with my free hand. Man, it was like time was standing still, I was held in this moment, you know, I was completely free. Eventually the cat turned and disappeared. My heart was pumping wild and there was new clarity to my vision. An ice-cream truck sang in the distance, and the sun was low in the mid-summer sky. I lit a smoke and headed home.

– RP

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