White Light / White Heat (deluxe reissue) – CS

Who would have thought that the Velvet Underground would still be around, all these years after the release of their second hit album, White Light/White Heat?

The story behind White Light / White Heat has long entered rock and roll folklore. Lou Reed and John Cale had grown up together in their family’s ancestral home, but by the summer of 1967 they had grown distant. “Old chum, you don’t play rugby like the elderly days in Pinewood” was the immortal opening line to “Heroin”, one of The Velvet Underground & Nico’smost catchy tunes. … Read more

Bones, RIP

I got a letter last week telling me my childhood friend Bones had died. Bones was a funny guy. I mean really funny. When we were kids he’d come over for dinner and by the end of the night my whole family would be falling off their chairs. He’d start off with his Richard Nixon impression then really get going dancing some little jigs or something and round things up with his fart and burping noises which sounded so real you’d cover your nose. Stop, stop we’d say between howls of laughter. But he wouldn’t. Not for one single second. … Read more

Episode II: Reality Strikes Back – JD, 13′

Almost as though a gust of wind has torn the pages from an old paper calendar, the days have blown by with startling speed. As the first year of my foray into the world beyond our purple walled cloister draws to a close, my memories of the school have begun to assume a dreamy aspect. The striking contrast between my life then and now does much to fuel this process of confabulation. … Read more

Wake Up, World! – AC

Everyone says the dead are glorious, or at least charming, but when will we stand up and recognize that not all dead people were literal saints, like Santa Claus?

We live in a fucked up world where we are all so blind—yeah, I’m looking at you, dad, who lost both of his eyes playing urban foosball so it serves you right yeah who’s with me?—that we can’t see some dead people for what they actually were: criminals! … Read more