GOT Time Travel

The year is 2015 and after a surprise tech power-move by the Turks (that NOBODY saw coming) humans have gained the ability to time travel. The break-down of initial users are as follows: 10% scientists, 5% historians, 3% morally bankrupt pranksters who want to permanently spook ancient children with megaphones, and 82% Game of Thrones fans itching to get back into the middle-ages.  Read more

Respect isn’t Passive – Dane Wilson

Respect isn’t a passive activity. It involves a willingness to engage with the possibility that your beliefs and opinions aren’t automatically true or right, or are without the possibility of improvement. Respect requires humility, a fact we at Williams often overlook. That’s not to say we are always disrespectful, but that often civility reigns where respect should. … Read more