Mission Freshman Feels like “Token Racist” in Entry – Story Ponvert

Every year, Williams’ unusual first-year entry system is the subject of controversy and debate, with some welcoming the feeling of community it creates and others accusing the school administration of using it to foster a sense of artificial diversity among the student body. This year, the comments of one especially disgruntled freshman may do something to shift attention to this debate. Brian Donald, a resident of Pratt 3 in Mission Park, newly-arrived from New Canaan, CT, has been making it known loud and clear that he feels out of place in his entry. An outspoken racist, Mr. Donald says it’s obvious that Williams “hand-picked me for my entry because of my racism” so that “they can pat themselves on the back for having checked that off the ‘diversity’ list.” Mr. Donald further explained that “in the entire rest of my entry, there isn’t a single other openly racist person. So whenever race comes up, people always look to me, as if I represent every other person in the world who thinks that people should be judged based on their skin color and heritage. I don’t like being treated like the only part of me that matters is my bigotry.”

Mr. Donald has been asking around other entries, and he says there’s “no shortage” of people with similar views. “It’d be better if it wasn’t so obvious what the administration is doing here,” he explained. “Like, yeah, sure, I believe in the inherent superiority of the white race, but isn’t that just surface-level? The way entries are organized plainly reveals the warped way that our administration perceives diversity.” Mr. Donald’s criticisms have not gone unnoticed; he told the Alternative that Dean Sarah Bolton corresponded with him herself. “She was very nice,” he said. “It’s clear that their intentions are good, I just wish that people like me weren’t left feeling so isolated in our entries.” At the time of writing this article, Mr. Donald contacted the Alternative to report that he’d been “really bummed” to learn there was no racist student union registered with the college, and he was determined to fix that as soon as he got a chance.

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