Mountain Day Traffic: Selfies to Blame – Jonny Gonzalez

This past Mountain Day, students were left stranded on the trails to and from Stony Ledge due to what experts claim to be “the most selfie’d moment in recent history.” Though the trip downhill is often the quicker journey due to the weight of five* apple cider donuts helping gravity aid Williams students downward, stopping to get “just one more picture” created serious traffic jams. The Williams College Health Center reported at least 12 students coming in with swollen ankles due to repeated “Flat Tires.” One student recounts, “I was just walking down the trail when I saw the perfect autumn leaf that I just had to get a picture of. Next thing I know someone ran into me and stepped on my ankle. The doctor’s say it’s broken, but it’s well worth the Instagram likes.” Doctors estimate that she’ll be on crutches for three weeks. Another student complained, “What was supposed to be a 45 minute trip down took at least 55. Ugh, sometimes I hate this school.”

On the topic of Instagram, I was able to contact a rep from the social media company to see if there had been any trouble with their servers due to the recent activity. After a ten minute discussion with the rep convincing him that I was in fact not confusing my school for William and Mary, he reported that they were having some trouble with their Western Massachusetts servers. At first they attributed this to the possibility that leaf peepers were finally getting a handle on smart phones but after telling him what Mountain Day was, his voice grew cold and before he hung up said, “You mean all those pictures of leaves were from twenty year olds?! My god…”

On such as beautiful day as Friday, selfies and pictures of the trees (I prefer the term stick-pics) were an inevitable concern. Several WOC members say that in the future, Mountain Day will have to be on a day when the sky “is much uglier than today,” and have even suggested that they will move it to January. Despite the heavy traffic issues, the student body seems to be pleased with this past Mountain Day with the exception of the senior class. The general consensus among the class of 2015 is that now they have no excuse to binge drink on Thursday nights for the rest of the month.

*Researchers in this field have given mixed results on average doughnut consumption with five being the accepted mean, and one report says that the most donuts eaten in one Mountain Day by an individual was 27.

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