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Got a little too hammered last night? Feel like you might have alcohol poisoning but the cost of an ambulance ride and a night at North Adams Regional Hospital is a little out of your price range? Sophomore Alex Huang’s new start-up has you covered.


Operating out of Gladden main common room, Huang and his team will be administering intravenous rehydration to meet widespread campus demand for an alternative to waking up in a hospital gown after a night of turning up.

The IV drips include electrolyte solutions to speed up the hangover recovery process as well as a proprietary cocktail of vitamins and minerals, which Huang refers to as his ‘special sauce’.

While Huang is not a licensed practitioner of medicine, his credentials include PSYC 101 and BIO 101, and several members of his team are pre-meds with ‘some’ EMT training.

“An emergency room trip can be up to a couple thousand dollars for a single night. Why go to all that trouble if an IV for $100 or less will do the trick without even having to leave campus?” Huang said.

While the service is primarily aimed at drunk students, Huang says people looking for a post-workout protein infusion or a jet lag boost are also welcomed.

“We don’t really have any exclusion criteria regarding the medical history potential clients, er, um, patients” says Huang. “Patients with conditions such as ebola or H1N1 may be subject to additional charges due to the risk taken on by our staff, however.”

When pressed further on the additional charges, Huang said “it depends on the marginal utility of the patient.” Huang, no stranger to price gouging, is an apt businessman who received a 5 on both the sections of the AP Economics exam.

Huang plans on offering monthly and semesterly subscriptions as well as hourly rates.

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