Mountain Day to be Replaced with Mission Hill Day – Jonny Gonzalez


This year saw one of the College’s most beloved traditions take a fatal blow by the powers-that-be. Citing damage to the ice from salt and dirt from students’ shoes, the administration decided that Broomball as we know it shall be no more. In its place is a sad attempt to capture the magic that Broomball originally provided.  … Read more

The Invisible Hand – Quentin Cohan


One of the best ideas my first grade teacher had was to make us raise our hands when we wanted to speak. Without this obvious and sensible rule, the ensuing cacophony of twenty or so six-year olds speaking simultaneously would have made even a deaf man wince. Conversely, however, raising our hands prior to speaking in class in college serves only to stifle productive analysis. A necessary prohibition in elementary school which served to limit chaos, now serves, a decade later, to restrict thoughtful debate.Read more

“It’s Juvenile, It’s Adolescent” – A Conversation with Historian Joe Ellis on Political Correctness


Editor’s Note: Joe Ellis is a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award Winning historian of the Founding Fathers and the founding of America. He has been a professor for 40 years, most notably at Mount Holyoke, and was a visiting professor here at Williams this past fall where he was my professor for a class entitled “Leadership at the American Founding,” in which we discussed the character and legacy of the framers. He introduced the class as “the most politically incorrect class we would ever take,” which naturally piqued my interest. At the end of the semester we sat down to discuss political correctness at Williams, below is the unedited transcript of that conversation.

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