Fuck the Underprivileged Dance Party – Williams One Percent Coalition (W1%C)

Time: 22:00 Tomorrow

Place: Faculty Club Dining Room

Gentlemen! Have friends and girlfriends attending the “Fuck the Patriarchy Dance Party” Friday night and not sure where to turn? Wondering where to numb your existential angst with alcohol, guilty hookups, and burning through disgusting amounts of cash? Fear no more!

Come to the Faculty Club this Friday night from 10pm-2am for a dance party only open to people who identify as a legacy student, extravagantly wealthy, or anything that’s not poor! Williams’ own Trickle-Down String Quartet will play from 10-10:30 and then the dance party will begin! Theme is Suits and Sluts!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are sending Facebook invites to everyone who has been invited to one of our events in the past so as not to make assumptions about people’s persecution complexes, but if you identify as underprivileged please be respectful and do not come!

Remember: The Admissions Office may be need-blind, but we sure aren’t!

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