How Teddy Cohan Won the Debate – Lucas Elek

Like most people in the audience, I attended Monday nights College Council Debate to decide which CC president ticket I would vote for: Jochebed and Meghana, or Jesus and Marcus. As a class representative who served for three semesters, I understand how important this position is. While I had essentially made up my mind about which ticket I would vote for, I wanted to give the other ticket a chance to speak.

Before the debate, I couldn’t understand why Teddy was still running. He didn’t have a shot in hell. He was politically dead, and it doesn’t take a politician to tell you that. I personally was tired of the drama Teddy caused. I stuck my own neck out for him only to see him blunder his way through the annulment meeting. I wasn’t too keen on his presidency. His platform, while apologetic and maybe even sincere, was otherwise weak. And then something absurd happened. The other two tickets began tearing each other apart. Perhaps it’s the fault of the whole debate set-up. No one is going to debate that CC should be more transparent or more inclusive. So perhaps it was only logical that it turned into a Mortal Kombat character bash. I want to be clear that I have nothing but respect for Jochebed, Meghana and Jesus (I haven’t had the chance to work with Marcus, but he was very civil tonight) and I think they are dedicated, hardworking and generally good people. Their performance tonight was not reflective of their character.

Anyone who is halfway decent at politics is bound to be passionate and sometimes they cross the line. I personally lost my cool at the annulment meeting two weeks ago at an audience member. You might have read about it on Yik-Yak. What amazed me tonight was that two front-runner tickets the same ones who both argued for civility and open forum discussions dissolved into a petty characterbashing session that harkens back to the House of Cardsesque political jockeying of two weeks ago. And through it all Teddy maintained his calm demeanor. Maybe he was just glad someone else was taking the heat, but he managed to stay above the fray. I don’t know if I will vote for him. Taking on the presidency solo is an ambitious and potentially overwhelming task and I still don’t know if he deserves it. But I will say this: tonight, while his opponents devolved into name-calling and finger pointing, Teddy looked like a pretty great option. Almost Presidential.

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