“Democracy is Overrated”: College Council Reveals All – Publius


Taking part in a combined press conference on Monday, members of College Council discussed just how cool they felt to be at the center of Williams College’s latest political scandal.

“I never in a million years thought I’d be using words like ‘interim’ and ‘annulment’ seriously,” said CC president Erica Moszkowski (‘15). “I had just finished season three of House of Cards when the Record published its op-ed and my first thought was ‘Here we go, Ms. President’. [double-taps podium with fist]” Read more

Silenced – Kimthanh Nguyen

I haven’t read that many books about people’s thoughts as they were dying from a sudden, traumatic event, but I bet someone somewhere in some universe had thought of how their death(s) would appear in the local newspaper. “Breaking news: Teenaged girl stabbed to death by mentally-troubled immigrant father! Mental Health Issues in Asian Communities!” That was definitely not what I want to be remembered for. Hey, I was young, hopeful, had pretty good grades in high school, finished the SAT, for whatever deity-in-power-in-this-country/science’s sake! It was junior year of high school. I planned to go to college somewhere at least 3000 miles from home. Dying right AFTER the experience of suffering through the SAT just seems rather… cruel. [To Val: You’re from my high school. A beloved teacher that we both know almost called child support after that event, but I convinced her that that would be a bad idea.]

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A Statement From a Nobody – Wade Phenicie ’14

First, let me start by apologizing. I think it’s important to say that, regardless of intent, it’s never okay to stereotype a culture or lifestyle.

During my time at Williams, many photographs of me in offensive outfits surfaced online. I was fortunate enough to avoid serious trouble for these until my senior year, where instead of a class I had to spend my Winter Study participating in a seminar with Dean Bolton. This seminar consisted of daily conversations from 9AM-3PM (lunch included) with Dean Bolton about my misconduct at Williams. When I was called to attend these sessions, I was unaware of exactly what element of my misconduct was of interest to the Dean. Could it have been an improperly formatted bibliography? Cursing on the radio? Littering?

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Re: “White Fragility” – A Call for Empathy – Harrison Gatlin

Editor’s Note: The following is sourced (with author’s consent) from a comment in response to “White Fragility Is Not My Problem.” 


This comment worries me: “You do not deserve my empathy. You do not deserve my understanding. You don’t get to have my consideration. I do not owe you any of my time or conversation.”

Empathy is the most productive quality for bringing people together. That’s the, goal right: to bring everyone on campus together? To foster a welcoming community? I think it should be. And I don’t think steering the situation toward conflict will achieve that goal.

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White Fragility Is Not My Problem – Valeria Pelayo

With the Taco 6 and the CC elections, plus all of the micro-/macro-­aggressions we have dealt with before and will continue to deal with, during and after those events, I imagine the Latin@ community at Williams is far too swamped to fully express themselves right now. I only find myself able to because I’m lucky enough to be abroad. Disclaimer: I represent no one but myself in this. If others agree/identify with what I have to say, so be it. I’m writing under the assumption that every word of this will somehow be ridiculed or disregarded, but here it is: … Read more

Satan is Probably Laughing at Us – Alex Sun


Chimpanzees, our closest relatives, are incapable of even fathoming the idea of letting their newborn babies out of their fingers, with mothers holding them in their hands for every waking moment until six months after birth. We are a different matter altogether: primitive abortions have been a part of the human experience since our species first emerged. Abortion is a manifestation of our ability to transcend the biological boundaries that constrain other animals. It gives us the freedom to regulate family size, population dynamics, and how many mouths to feed. It gives us freedom to determine our own lifestyles. Whether or not abortions are legal, humans will always have an urgent need to perform them. I speak for myself when I say that it’s my opinion that abortions should be kept legal, and thus medically safe for women.

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Spring Street Jews – Quentin Cohan


Monday 2-23-15

11:42 a.m. Pappa Charlie’s: Security was called to escort out of the deli a student who was accosting the staff over an issue with the patron’s breakfast sandwich. The student had ordered a bagel with nova lox and cream cheese, but received gravlax instead. The server claimed the salmon was nova, but the student said his palette was very refined and could detect otherwise. … Read more

A Super Bet – Quentin Cohan


“He could no longer do this wonderful thing he’d done since he was a boy, could no longer practice his art, because though baseball is sometimes a game, and sometimes a woman, what it really is to him is high art…Crushing a fastball high into the night above Fenway — that’s not art? You’d never say that if you’d done it.”–J.R. Moehringer, on Alex Rodriguez

As Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson lined up a yard from the endzone and an infinity from a second straight Super Bowl victory at the end of this year’s National Football League championship game earlier last month against the New England Patriots, the list of topics running through his head probably did not include late-nineteenth century American seascape paintings. … Read more