Spring Street Jews – Quentin Cohan


Monday 2-23-15

11:42 a.m. Pappa Charlie’s: Security was called to escort out of the deli a student who was accosting the staff over an issue with the patron’s breakfast sandwich. The student had ordered a bagel with nova lox and cream cheese, but received gravlax instead. The server claimed the salmon was nova, but the student said his palette was very refined and could detect otherwise. … Read more

A Super Bet – Quentin Cohan


“He could no longer do this wonderful thing he’d done since he was a boy, could no longer practice his art, because though baseball is sometimes a game, and sometimes a woman, what it really is to him is high art…Crushing a fastball high into the night above Fenway — that’s not art? You’d never say that if you’d done it.”–J.R. Moehringer, on Alex Rodriguez

As Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson lined up a yard from the endzone and an infinity from a second straight Super Bowl victory at the end of this year’s National Football League championship game earlier last month against the New England Patriots, the list of topics running through his head probably did not include late-nineteenth century American seascape paintings. … Read more