Malia Obama Accepted for College Class of 2020 – Quentin Cohan

In a surprise announcement Tuesday night, Richard L. Nesbitt, Williams College Director of Admissions, said that the College had gone against its standard admissions procedure and accepted the President’s eldest daughter, who is a junior in high school, a year ahead of schedule–making her the first member of the College’s class of 2020. “Our goal every year is to create as talented and accomplished a class of 550 young men and women as we can,” Nesbitt explained, “and, though we do not normally deliberate on students before their final year of high school, there were considerations in this situation which we deemed allowed for circumventing the usual process.”

Ms. Obama’s matriculation to Williams is obviously a high-profile move for the College, but the administration stressed that this is not about rankings or donations. “When we try to build a community, we don’t focus on those sort of external factors,” Dean Bolton said over the phone Tuesday night, “we ask questions like ‘how will this student buttress what we already have in place, as well as go against campus norms?’ and we think Ms. Obama, because of her unique experiences and perspective, will be a wonderful addition to the community both in her ability to become part of Williams as it is, as well as to help us grow.” President Falk could not be reached for comment.

One potential problem with the College’s action is that prospective applicants may feel disadvantaged for not living in the White House. One such person, a cousin of this reporter who would also be a member of the class of 2020, opined “it doesn’t really seem fair that just because she is Obama’s daughter she should just get what seems like a free-pass through the whole college process. I mean, everybody else is working really hard, but I guess that’s just how it is, this isn’t exactly surprising.”

Despite being spotted on tours of Columbia and NYU, the newest Eph has no regrets about her decision. Eric Schultz, White House Deputy Press Secretary, who spoke on her behalf said “Malia, and the entire Obama family, is incredibly proud and excited to join such a prestigious institution. Malia hopes to be a part of the varsity tennis teams, as well as participate in theater. She cannot wait to start this chapter of her life. Go ephs!”

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  1. What “free pass”!? She is an outstanding candidate that ANY college would welcome, regardless of her parent’s occupation. It’s great to see a school admit someone on their incredibly high academic standards rather than admit early for athletics! Welcome to the Williams family!!!!

  2. I am happy for her. She is old enough to have seen the racisim involved in her father’s presidency. No doubt she has been hurt by this country. I am happy someone stepped out of line and did something nice for her.

  3. Hurt by this country? Really? Give me a break! She seems to be a smart , classy girl and if this is where she’wants to attend college then I am pleased for her. But I certainly don’t think that it’s about time “something nice was done for her”. Quit acting like the world is against them vs their fathers leadership and policies.

  4. The shame in all of this is the unabashed negative feelings that people have toward President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and now spilling over to their children…..shameful……and so much of it cloaked in religious beliefs…….Makes me ask how did the Clergy in this country let people veer so off-course.

  5. How does anyone who commented here have a clue whether her GPA and standardized test scores are deserving or poor?

  6. The author of this article should go back to school. She is not the Obama”s “eldest” daughter but their “elder” daughter.

  7. Congratulations and well deserved! Academically she is more than qualified. Anyone who has implied or said she was given a free pass is umdoubtingly from the same camp as the attackers of President Obama. Mediocrity always excellence!

  8. There are likely pretty intense security considerations for the President’s daughter to live on her own for the first time. While I’m sure she’d an outstanding candidate, it is more likely that the Secret Service needs added time to come up with appropriate measures for her safety.

  9. Congratulations to Malia and Williams College. This is a good choice for both. All students should be focused on the work at hand, doing well and graduating.

  10. I wager that none of you is old enough to remember when the daughter of Vice President Spiro Agnew was a freshman at Williams. Her father had been involved in some less than acceptable doings. The press decided to descend on the child who had just moved into her dorm space. The women in her entry united to protect her from the press– they even went so far as to LIE about her whereabouts. I’m not certain that an entire college community at a larger institution would do as much.

    Likewise, there was a time when all was bleak for Shah of Iran. His children enrolled in various schools in this country: the heir apparent came to Williams and his younger sister enrolled in one of the local private schools. The children were easily protected in Williamstown and the prince was a formidable addition to the soccer team.

    The Williams community is known for its cohesion and care. Some of the contributors to this thread appear to have forgotten that.

  11. This is great for Williams College and the Berkshires. I am sure that security considerations need to be addressed and this allows the Secret Service the time to properly plan for her college years, which will be challenging enough at Williams!

    Looking forward to the positive spin that will come with the added attention that she will bring to this beautiful area.

    And to all of the “trolls” out there that can only spin these stories to the negative side of things, get a life! Things are much more pleasant with a smile on your face, instead of scowl!

      • I hardly think that YOU have embarrassed anyone. They’ve managed that very nicely for themselves. I suspect that “the college” secretly admires your prowess.

        By the by, Chelsea Clinton and the current Prince of Monaco looked at Williams.
        The Prince attended THAT school in the Pioneer Valley; Chelsea went to Stanford.

  12. As a very proud Williams alum, I am thrilled. It should be a great fit for Malia. We visited this summer. As a former prof told me, “It is twice the school you knew, at least.”

  13. Umdoubtingly? Really? Academically she is more than qualified? Really? Shame on you. Though no one should be surprised. Do the proper investigation. Even the the President said publicly that Malia had received a 73 as a recent exam score. That is not the academic record of a well-qualified candidate.
    As ever, privilege wins the day. Ephman86 said it best with “…that she is not even aware of yet.” Perhaps a Nobel is appropriate at this point…

  14. Beautiful Sasha you are beautiful and smart congratulation! Just stay kind as you are. You are blessed to have great parents.

  15. In my opinion, it would be refreshing if the academic, social and test score requirements hold true for Malia as for other prospective student. If she measures up she should be admitted. If not, apply elsewhere. She is a lovely young woman and deserves to have the same college experience as the other students. I think the majority of responders here would agree that she should not be judged by the good/bad attributable to the parents, but by her own qualifications.

  16. Free Pass??? This young lady and any child and their siblings in the public eye having political and or famous parents are held to a different standard and under much too many judgemental eyes. Let her enjoy her greatest time of her life!

  17. She was only admitted because her dad is Obamaman. Shows how unfair the admission process is. What exactly are her qualifications? Grades? SAT scores? Exceptional accomplishments?

  18. Shows the school doesn’t adhere to standards. She was only admitted because the old boy is Obamaman. What are her exceptional accomplishments? SAT scores? National Merit Finalist anyone? Grades? Shame on Williams.

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