A Letter from the Editor – Quentin Cohan

In the spring of 2014, a few disgruntled Williams students gathered in Perry Library to discuss, over Domino’s and Angry Orchard, the rapid advancement of political correctness onto the tiny outpost of Fort Williams. This clash, which has since then grown into a battle royale across all media platforms, took new form here at Williams those 18 months ago, with the creation of the Williams Alternative—an online magazine dedicated to promoting free speech and humor on campus. The Alternative holds true simply the ideas that nobody has the right to silence others; that a well-written, unique perspective is one worth sharing, and one worth reading; and that few, if any topics, deny the possibility of humor. Though I cannot say whether or not we have won any battles, we march on, pen in hand, ready to storm the Bastille. If nothing else, we are the people who started the Malia Obama rumor.

We wish all Ephs an adventurous and challenging year, and, to the class of 2019, welcome to the Purple Bubble.

Quentin Cohan

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