On ‘Screw’ Parties and Rape Culture – Anonymous

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Content warning: sexual assault

It’s a typical weekday afternoon. I’m running on the treadmill in upstairs Lasell, brooding over classes and annoyed at my boyfriend. I’m texting my friends about our upcoming trip to New York, when I look up and see someone who makes my skin crawl and stomach turn. I don’t want him to see me here–he can’t see me here. I don’t want him to see my exposed shoulders, my exposed legs. For the next 45 minutes, I stay exactly where I am, not looking up from my treadmill, hoping eventually he’ll leave. I think about him seeing my body and imagining me naked the night he forced me to have sex with him. It makes me want to throw up. … Read more

Got Beef with Less Beef? – Eleanor Lustig


Editor’s Note: This article was written on behalf of thinkFOOD Williams

This September, College President Adam Falk announced that while the Trustees agreed with the sentiments expressed by divestment advocates, the situation at Williams called for a self-designed action plan for fighting climate change at the institutional level. This plan includes the re-investment of around $50 million in order to reduce the Williams community’s carbon footprint and fossil fuel consumption, as well as increase climate-based education. He invited students to hear his perspective and ask questions, which many did. At this Q & A session, a student asked if any changes to Dining Services’ purchases were to be included in the college’s new green spending plan. President Falk replied that no changes would be made. … Read more

Williams College Student Art Gallery – Quentin Cohan


My devoted fans, of which I’m sure there are many, will undoubtedly remember my article from last fall entitled “Exploring the Arts” in which I questioned (devotees feel free to skip the next few sentences) the motivations behind the artwork so thoughtfully placed around our campus. If the court allows, I would like to quite humbly quote myself: … Read more

JA Confidential #5: “I try to just shake it off”

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Editors Note: Although everybody has a Junior Advisor as a freshman at Williams, very few people actually know what it is like to be one. To that end, the Williams Alternative presents “JA Confidential”–a series of off-the-record conversations with current JAs about life at Williams as a Junior Advisor.

Williams Alternative: Thanks for sitting down with us. You’ve been a JA for about half the year now, so I’d think that you have some concept of what qualifies as a “good” JA, what is your definition and how do you think you hold up?

Junior Advisor: I think one of the most important things a JA can do is to take an interest in each and every one of your frosh.  I think that by doing this you are able to foster a connection with each of them and make them feel like they have at least one person aRead more