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My devoted fans, of which I’m sure there are many, will undoubtedly remember my article from last fall entitled “Exploring the Arts” in which I questioned (devotees feel free to skip the next few sentences) the motivations behind the artwork so thoughtfully placed around our campus. If the court allows, I would like to quite humbly quote myself: “This raises the question of what the art is really for. Is it about having some “culture” and “beauty” on campus? Or, is it about rankings, tours, and donations? I find it hard to believe that a student has not created something artistically valid enough to possibly replace the sculpture in Greylock Quad. I am sure that sculpture is important in some way, but, at the same time, well, I sat on it the other day while making a phone call…For a school so enamored with Art, Williams seems to disregard the artistic abilities dwelling latently in its students. From Ls to rock fighters to whatever that thing in Greylock Quad is to WCMA, our campus is saturated with art. None of it, however, is by art students.”

The point of bringing this all up, other than self-aggrandizement–though, sure why not?–is to say that the Williams Alternative will start taking steps–over a year later, but still–to address this critical issue facing our campus with the creation of the Williams College Student Gallery of Art.

This is an All-Points Bulletin to any and every artist, in the absolute loosest sense of the word, on the Williams College campus. As of this writing, we have absolutely nothing to display, so we will accept anything that anybody wants to submit. Something you made for class, something you made for fun, something that’s been under your bed since 2nd grade – we will give it a home. Given Modern Art’s ability to push the upper limits of what even constitutes art, we think we should be able to find space for just about anything. We are truly encouraging, asking, begging, any student who has made any sort of artistic work to allow us to display it. There are obviously many details still requiring resolution, but with some help from the community, we can all create something truly beautiful.

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  1. Yes..overlooked art producers among graduates are eager to help crack open the doors. Too bad Old SAwyer had to be crushed, rather than hosting the WCSGA. There may even be others who think that the lack of graffiti is also a public art issue?

  2. Quentin, have you taken many studio classes at Williams? Our sculpture classes work with cardboard, plaster, plywood, and wire — not really materials that could replace an outdoor sculpture made of cast metal.

    That being said, I like the idea of creating a student art gallery, or displaying more student art around campus. I would suggest contacting Mei Kazama, whose work is up in the Career Center, and maybe Penny Sun, who I worked with a few years ago on an unfinished visual art club — we had a lot of ideas for adding more student art (including murals, “art-bombing” classrooms, etc), and we probably still have our notes around somewhere. Also, maybe talk to the professor of the architecture class that did the installation in front of Hollander last semester.

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