CW: Trigger Warnings – Kristen Johnson

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For those who have suffered from trauma, a trigger/content warning (verbal or otherwise) is not indicative of emotional sensitivity or an inability or unwillingness to engage with difficult content, but, rather, an unfortunate necessity born from a desire to have some measure of control over one’s emotional/psychological response to a stimulus that, for most, may be unpleasant, but, for trauma survivors, crosses the boundary from unpleasantness into emotional re-victimization. … Read more

‘Racism Is a Pathetic Excuse for Disinviting a Speaker from Campus’ – Zach Wood


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the website The Fire, and has been republished here with the author’s permission.

In my time at Williams, President Falk has been an analytic and deliberative leader. However, I cannot help but think that Falk’s decision to cancel John Derbyshire’s speech at Williams not only does a disservice to the intellectual character of our institution, but is antithetical to the principles of free speech and intellectual freedom that he has previously claimed to endorse. This cancellation evidences the fact that President Falk has failed to show support for student efforts to instill and promote political tolerance at Williams. … Read more

A Williams College Education Doesn’t Require Random Acts of Racist Speech – Sam Crane, W. Van Alan Clark ’41 Third Century Professor in the Social Sciences


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the author’s blog, Useless Tree, and has been re-published here with the author’s approval.

I am a teacher. Every day I make decisions about what my students read and write, and what kinds of speech are intellectually meaningful in our classroom discussions. Within the limits of my pedagogical goals, I encourage them to freely explore arguments, push and pull ideas in unexpected directions, make mistakes. When it works well, it’s like John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things: marvelous innovation within the limits of the melodic structure. … Read more

8 Tips For Seniors on the Job Hunt – Alex Sun ’15


I remember the palpable fear of senior year at Williams. The last three years had been a hell of a ride, and I was grateful for the unforgettable memories. But, now, I was only months away from being smacked in the face by the Real World. Having my parents spend over $60,000 every year for four years so I could walk away with a diploma and no job was not an option. … Read more

The Great Beer Heist of 2016 – Quentin Cohan


On January 19th, a Williams student, a junior who is underage, bought 5 cases of beer (150 beers in total) from an area liquor store, and brought them to Prospect House basement at 6:30 pm, where he hid them behind a few couches, in anticipation of a Williams Beirut League event that was scheduled there for that night. When he returned at 10:00 pm, they were gone. What follows is not the tale of an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist, or a Holmesian whodunit, but rather a curious tale of abuse of power on our otherwise (supposedly) cheery campus.Read more

What If Williams? – Josemaria Silvestrini


What if Williams had funding for and spaces designed to allow students to pursue unique ideas and creative projects each semester, ideas and projects that would motivate them to develop the skills, resourcefulness, and experience needed to make a positive impact in our world? What if Williams leveraged our tremendous alumni network and human capital to forge not just a deeper community on campus, but a William’s family united in the crusade towards a better world, a world in which innovation and entrepreneurship contribute to solving the many problems our world faces? … Read more

The Log Date: A Critical Review of the Traditions and Forms of Dating at Williams College – Quentin Cohan


Not without reason, the Log’s grand re-opening in November was accompanied with much fanfare and to-do. As great an (re-) addition as this is to the vibrant Williams College community, this researcher is not left without his worries. The primary one of these stemming from confusion as to where in the incredibly delicate Williams College Dating Hierarchy the, newly relevant, Log Date fits.
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