Board of (dis)Trustees – Mariah Widman, ’15


On February 22nd, I received an email from Alumni Relations inviting me to participate in the election of this year’s Alumni Trustee. I was a bit surprised. So that’s how trustees are selected? Although I spent a good portion of my four sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated years at Williams serving on college committees, and familiarizing myself with the school’s governing structure, I was unaware of the Trustee selection process. It took graduating and being sent an actual ballot for me to realize how much power members of the Williams community have over the direction of the college. … Read more

The Williams College Student Art Gallery is Officially Open – Quentin Cohan


After three months of thinking, planning, negotiating, community out-reach, self-doubt, protracted procrastination, laziness, and self-congratulating, the Williams College Student Art Gallery is officially open! The gallery features 18 pieces from 5 artists–John Okemah, ’16; Sarah Weiser, ’17; Tiluna Nocito, ’18; Gabriel Wexler, ’19; and Yours Truly, Quentin Cohan, ’17–and is located in the first-floor TV lounge in Spencer House (not the Spencer studio art building–which is to say, right in the middle of campus, in a student space, not halfway to Timbuktu).Read more