The Williams College Student Art Gallery is Officially Open – Quentin Cohan

After three months of thinking, planning, negotiating, community out-reach, self-doubt, protracted procrastination, laziness, and self-congratulating, the Williams College Student Art Gallery is officially open! The gallery features 18 pieces from 5 artists–John Okemah, ’16; Sarah Weiser, ’17; Tiluna Nocito, ’18; Gabriel Wexler, ’19; and Yours Truly, Quentin Cohan, ’17–and is located in the first-floor TV lounge in Spencer House (not the Spencer studio art building–which is to say, right in the middle of campus, in a student space, not halfway to Timbuktu).

The Student Art Gallery is a space for students. It is designed as a place for students to appreciate each other’s talents, as well as–on a way less vaguely-pretentious, overly-philosophical level–an attempt to spruce up and create a nicer, more homey, room for students to gather to read, play Settlers of Catan, or watch a ballgame or presidential address. Unlike seemingly much of the art at Williams, the Student Art Gallery is not constructed for the seducing of prospective students, the impressing of ranking services, or the wooing of donors (of course, I’m not so naïve as to think it may not be co-opted by these forces–though I’m also not so self-centered to think that anybody other than my own mother will more than little note what we’ve done here). Unlike other recent additions to our charming little campus, which seem to have students in name but not in mind, the Student Art Gallery is meant entirely as a space that is of, by, and for the students of Williams College.

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