Board of (dis)Trustees – Mariah Widman, ’15


On February 22nd, I received an email from Alumni Relations inviting me to participate in the election of this year’s Alumni Trustee. I was a bit surprised. So that’s how trustees are selected? Although I spent a good portion of my four sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated years at Williams serving on college committees, and familiarizing myself with the school’s governing structure, I was unaware of the Trustee selection process. It took graduating and being sent an actual ballot for me to realize how much power members of the Williams community have over the direction of the college. … Read more

8 Tips For Seniors on the Job Hunt – Alex Sun ’15


I remember the palpable fear of senior year at Williams. The last three years had been a hell of a ride, and I was grateful for the unforgettable memories. But, now, I was only months away from being smacked in the face by the Real World. Having my parents spend over $60,000 every year for four years so I could walk away with a diploma and no job was not an option. … Read more

The Cause Deserves Better: Student Protests and Racial Equality – Andrew Chen ’11


One day in second grade, a classmate came to my desk.  “Chinese mother!” he said, pulling up the corners of his eyelids. “Japanese father!” he continued, pulling them down. “Mixed-up child!” One eyelid was up, the other down.

As I got older, moments like this kept happening. Sometimes they were annoying, sometimes threatening – “What’re you gonna do about it, you ****ing chink?” – but always exclusionary. … Read more

On Feminism, from the Desk of the Ghost of Ephraim Williams


Verily, it is with great chagrin that I find myself once again rising from my dusty tomb ‘neath the rolling green pastures of Williamstowne. While I had, as always, set the alarm-clocke to end my astral slumber for October the 31th, the highly celebrated holiday known in my time as All’s Hallow’s Eve–an occasion of great revelry for me as I harass, possess and otherwise torment young children engaged in their petty, and, may I say indulgent, tradition of harvesting sugars–I instead awoke early, risen by the clamor and fervor over the arranged visit of a Ms. Venker, a correspondent of the news amalgamation syndicate known as Foxxe. Read more

Why Uncomfortable Learning Is Right – Alex Sun ’15


In a recent piece penned for the Williams Alternative, Zach Wood ’18 (co-President of Uncomfortable Learning) criticized the culture of “motivated ignorance” on campus, a term he used to describe the insularity of many students and their unwillingness to challenge their esteemed beliefs. I agree with Zach’s stance that “we are all biased”. He and his peers at UL are biased. Those upset by their invitation of staunch anti-feminist, Suzanne Venker, as well as those who lauded it as a practice in intellectual freedom, are biased. I too am biased. I take sides. And I believe UL stood up for something right: freedom of speech at a college that prides itself on critical thinking and intellectual freedom. But criticism of their decision to invite Suzanne Venker is grounded in something very real, as is criticism of Zach’s piece in the Alternative. And yet, I think these critiques are ultimately mistaken. It’s my license to think so, and it’s yours to disagree. … Read more

I Say, What Has Become of My Once-Esteemed Legacy? Notes On the State of Williams College and Its Greater Townshippe, from the Desk of the Ghost of Ephraim Williams


Well, it has been nigh upon six-and-twenty decades that I have lain in this rather dismal grave, and since I gave my life so valiantly to thwart the economic and military advances of the dastardly Frenchmen and their allies amongst the Native Peoples, the state of the world above my rank tomb has changed and progressed ever and ever faster, and without relent. I must admit, for the greater part of the last century I have spent much of my time creating ominous noises in homes throughout New England, attending ghost-only BDSM parties, and haunting the office of Al Gore – but from time to time I do like to check in on my little “pet project”, Williams College and its eponymous Towne, to see how fares my legacy and, more importantly, how it stands in the Forbes Ranking.

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Catching Up to My Williams Education – Sora Kim ‘13

I graduated from Williams almost two years ago. I packed up I bags and was promptly kicked out at 5 PM on Commencement Day. I had finished my chemistry thesis, which I had been working on for three years, completed the biology and chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry and molecular biology, taken all the necessary requirements (EDI, writing intensive, quantitative, PE, and divisional), developed the most wonderful friendships and mentorships, and, above all, learned about myself. … Read more