A Statement From a Nobody – Wade Phenicie ’14

First, let me start by apologizing. I think it’s important to say that, regardless of intent, it’s never okay to stereotype a culture or lifestyle.

During my time at Williams, many photographs of me in offensive outfits surfaced online. I was fortunate enough to avoid serious trouble for these until my senior year, where instead of a class I had to spend my Winter Study participating in a seminar with Dean Bolton. This seminar consisted of daily conversations from 9AM-3PM (lunch included) with Dean Bolton about my misconduct at Williams. When I was called to attend these sessions, I was unaware of exactly what element of my misconduct was of interest to the Dean. Could it have been an improperly formatted bibliography? Cursing on the radio? Littering?

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Revisiting the 2011 hate crime – Williams Alternative, courtesy of EphBlog

We’ve had several requests to link to a very polished audio piece by David Michael ’13 (hosted on the always thought-provoking EphBlog) questioning the events behind the racial slur found on Prospect’s fourth-floor bathroom in the fall of 2011. It’s definitely worth a listen:


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A Response to “Victim Culture” – Anonymous ’14

The question you pose is “how much social awareness is too much?” You argue that the Williams community’s emphasis on microaggressions has led to a “period of hypersensitivity that has hindered much of what [you] thought the Williams intellectual community would become in [your] time here.” This is not a unique sentiment, and I have had many discussions with people who feel frustrated and/or stifled by this “emphasis.”

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Investigation Reveals Fatal Error in 2006 Mission Quinoa Order – Sam Austin ’14

MISSION PARK – A recent investigation at Mission Dining Hall revealed an error in an old order for quinoa, the Mexican grain known for being rich in protein and fiber.

Investigators report that the mistake in the order – placed in October 2006 – resulted in a surplus quantity of quinoa in the magnitude of ten thousand. This slip-up proved fatal when the quinoa, delivered too quickly, ended up crushing a Mission chef. “We were hearing a lot about quinoa,” a dining hall source reports, “so we thought we’d try to order some for a dinner to see how people liked it. Well someone must have typed a bunch of extra zeroes because we ended up ordering like five truck fulls of the stuff. We were knee deep in quinoa for a week. One of the chefs drowned.”

Investigation revealed that the surplus quinoa was eventually stored in empty singles in Dennett Basement and has been served ever since. “Sometimes students come in joking and acting surprised about the quinoa,” the source said. “For me, it’s no joke. I still have nightmares.”

BREAKING: Student Chuckles at Williams Record Cartoon – Sam Austin ’14

CURRIER QUAD – In a move without precedent on the Williams campus, sophomore Cassidy Goldberg chuckled at a cartoon in the Williams Record this Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses report that Cassidy was reading the Record with a friend at Driscoll and let out a slight snort when he saw the cartoon, which depicted a tired-looking freshman holding a number of textbooks.

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AddleAll – Anonymous 13′

Like every else who has ever lived, I have difficulty focusing and controlling my behavior. These conditions make schoolwork challenging.

When I learned about a medication that would alleviate my symptoms of humanity, I became intrigued. Borrowing a few pills from a friend with a prescription, I discovered that Adderall does help you finish your schoolwork. I had to get my own prescription. … Read more

Episode II: Reality Strikes Back – JD, 13′

Almost as though a gust of wind has torn the pages from an old paper calendar, the days have blown by with startling speed. As the first year of my foray into the world beyond our purple walled cloister draws to a close, my memories of the school have begun to assume a dreamy aspect. The striking contrast between my life then and now does much to fuel this process of confabulation. … Read more