Wake Up, World! – AC

Everyone says the dead are glorious, or at least charming, but when will we stand up and recognize that not all dead people were literal saints, like Santa Claus?

We live in a fucked up world where we are all so blind—yeah, I’m looking at you, dad, who lost both of his eyes playing urban foosball so it serves you right yeah who’s with me?—that we can’t see some dead people for what they actually were: criminals! … Read more

Mission Statement

The Williams Alternative seeks to foster frank and open discussion, polite disagreement, humor, and intellectual liveliness within our campus culture.

It is our belief that an excess of social politicization at Williams has led to a state of hypersensitive political correctness and intellectual conformity which stifles individual expression, excludes satire, and creates unnecessary tension among different members of the student body.

We are not aligned with any political, religious, or social organization. We contain international students, students of color, queer students, straight students, liberals, conservatives, athletes, non-athletes, atheists, agnostics, and religious members.

What unites us, apart from our shared humanity, is the common belief that everyone here should feel comfortable putting forward their intellectual viewpoints and creative output without fear of facing social, academic, or administrative discomfort. Only within this framework is genuine diversity possible.